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Finance & Payroll

What is covered in our Finance Services

Knowing your finances and knowing them well is key to your business’ success. Having previously spent 10 years in banking and, as an accredited SAGE trainer, Brigid, our founder is perfectly placed to provide insightful financial advice and support to businesses.


It is vital that your business is aware of its financial projections, in order for you to clearly see what you need to do to make a consistent, thriving profit. 

When you work alongside BD Consultancy, we will always take care to explain every aspect of financial management in simple language, ensuring  that every client fully understands their business and how to better manage it. BD Consultancy can also provide easy-to-use templates, to make the entire process as pain free as possible. 

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Other Financial Services Include...

  • Identifying product costs.

  • Teaching about VAT and tax codes.

  • Financial considerations with exporting.

  • Securing funding through Invest NI, Rural Development, InterTrade Ireland.

  • Working with banks to secure working capital for businesses.

  • Completing ENI loan applications.

  • Handling Invest NI claims.

  • Working with community groups to secure funding.

Some of our most popular finance services...

Realtime Accounting

Cashflow Management

Payroll Services

Accounts Training




"BD Consultancy helped us with our accounts and payroll systems, by offering outsourced support for your business to stay on top of your finances.


As well as this, they can offer you support with writing contracts of employment, creating company handbooks, implementing company policies, recruiting staff members and assisting with interviews and exit meetings."

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Our Other Services


Human Resources

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Business to Business Sales


Grant Funding Applications


Business Planning & Strategic

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