Expert Business Consultancy and Management

BD Consultancy provides SMEs with a wide range of services aimed at improving their businesses and helping them to grow.


Tailored to suit the specific needs of each client, Brigid offers everything from expert business mentoring and strategic development, to assistance with funding applications and more.

Whether you need help writing a business plan, selling to customers, marketing, or managing finances, BD Consultancy can assist.

Business Planning and Strategic Development

BD Consulting helps clients prepare practical business plans with clear goals so they know exactly what they’re trying to achieve, how they’re going to do it and how long it will take.


With bespoke step-by-step plans and monthly KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Brigid ensures targeted actions and measurable outcomes, so businesses can track their progress.

Help is also provided in writing and submitting funding applications, as well as preparing clients for taking products to market.


Thanks to her extensive experience, Brigid also has a number of contacts in sectors outside Northern Ireland and is always keen to connect clients with potential prospects.

Financial Management and Securing Funding

Having previously spent 10 years in banking and, as an accredited SAGE trainer, Brigid is perfectly placed to provide insightful financial advice and support to businesses.


Preparing financial projections lets clients see clearly what they need to do to break even and make a profit.

Brigid always takes care to explain every aspect of financial management in plain english, so companies can better understand their business and manage it more effectively. Easy-to-use templates are also available.

Other financial services include:

  • Identifying product costings.

  • Teaching about VAT and tax codes.

  • Financial considerations with exporting.

  • Securing funding through Invest NI, Rural Development, InterTrade Ireland.

  • Working with banks to secure working capital for businesses.

  • Completing ENI loan applications.

  • Handling Invest NI claims.

  • Working with community groups to secure funding.

Business to Business Sales

BD Consultancy provides a full outsourcing service, empowering businesses to continue on their growth trajectory, without increasing staff. 


BD Consultancy has helped a wide range of clients in Northern Ireland grow their businesses through export across the UK and Ireland, helping them to devise bespoke export strategies and market entry plans.


From conducting market research to creating business development plans and undertaking sectoral and feasibility studies, BD Consultancy does all this and more to ensure the very best results for clients.

Whether businesses wish to export new or existing products, Brigid and Ciara are there every step of the way throughout the process, creating precise customer profiles before performing in-depth research to identify potential prospects.

The process involves:

  • Creating a comprehensive database of potential business partners

  • Undertaking a screening process of potential business partners via telephone

  • Grading potential customers according to the feedback gathered through the telephone conversations


With an excellent success rate in setting her clients up with meetings, BD Consultancy helps businesses connect with as many quality prospects as possible – and much more quickly. Indeed, with years of experience, she has an excellent success rate in this area.

It's why more and more businesses are turning to BD Consultancy to outsource their sales operation.

Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Preparation is crucial when it comes to creating a marketing strategy and delivering quality sales to develop your business. That’s why BD Consultancy works closely with businesses to do market research, develop targeted sales strategies and ensure that clear plans are put in place.

Whether it’s helping companies launch new products or creating an agenda of what to do at a trade show, all advice is tailored to suit each client’s specific requirements. Asking questions such as ‘Who is your target audience?’ and ‘How are you going to connect with them?’ will help to develop a core database of potential customers.

Looking at promotional activities and setting a budget is also vital for marketing success and BD Consultancy will be there every step of the way to help with this.

If you would like to discuss any of the services, please contact us on mobile 07989052344 or office 028 25820 311.

Alternatively, email us on our contact form.