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Our Clients are important to us!

As a business, BD Consultancy engages as much as possible with all of its clients.  Whether working with a client on a short contract or else working with a client on a longer project; we value all of our clients equally and give all of our clients' businesses 100% to make sure that we receive results for them!  You can see from the reviews below; many testimonials from organisations whom we have worked with.


"Brigid is the best business mentor I have ever had the opportunity to work with... and for that, I am extremely grateful. Very knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of business, Brigid understands and gets the challenges of starting, running and growing a business. Her help throughout the different development phases of my business has been invaluable to me."

Thana Thammavongsa

Owner of Whoosh


"MDC Tiles and Bathrooms Limited has engaged the expertise of Brigid in the completion of Invest NI grant applications.  Upon the successful outcome of these it has enabled us to grow our team within MDC.  Brigid has also played a vital role in the development of staff within our company by identifying and delivering training needs, ensuring best practice is implemented. BD Consultancy offer an excellent service."

Michael McNeill

Managing Director of  MDC Tiles & Bathrooms


"Working with Brigid helped us structure and develop our growing company, her expertise in funding and business planning letting us evolve into a more focussed and organised business.

With a wealth of knowledge in her field, Brigid is very easy to work with and her professionalism shone through in everything that she did with us. Working with BD Consultancy would certainly be beneficial to any business, as she is an invaluable asset."

Mike McVey

P McVey Mobile Buildings Ltd


"Strain Engineering & Co Ltd have gone from strength to strength in recent years and to be able to manage this growth effectively we engaged the services of BD Consultancy (Brigid Duggan). Brigid came into our business and assessed staffing levels and workloads and restructured systems and processes to cope with company growth more efficiently.


Brigid has a good understanding of the business and has kept us on the right track to maintain the steady growth and she was instrumental in securing us funding through the Rural Development Business Investment Scheme to purchase new capital equipment that will make us more self-sufficient and increase our production output capabilities.


We find Brigid to be encouraging, proactive, motivating and that her methods of work are very precise, she has a very good eye for detail. BD Consultancy customer service is exceptional and would be a benefit to any business. Strain Engineering has a very good working relationship with BD Consultancy and long may it last, we could not recommend Brigid highly enough."

Alan Mulholland

Managing Director of Strain Engineering


"BD Consultancy have proved to be totally professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of business development and securing funding. Brigid is a pleasure to deal with, always friendly, positive, and  pro-active and always at the end of the phone whenever required.

Highly recommend BD Consultancy to anyone."

Colin Millar

Owner of Millar Woodcraft Joinery


"I've been in business for 12 years coming this April and I've learned so much about my business through the meetings with Brigid.  I recommend this for everyone in Business!" 

Emma McConaghie

Owner of Unique by Emma Boutique


"Brigid was first introduced to KA Toning through the Ifactory business mentorship programme. During this time, I had a new product idea for the beauty industry.  Brigid is highly skilled and knowledgeable in all areas of research and development and securing funding for new product inventions. I worked with Brigid to bring my idea from concept to prototype and she also guided me through a Kickstarter programme.

Brigid is uniquely experienced at how to secure available funding for your business. Brigid helped me complete all my funding applications and they were all granted.

Throughout the time I have known Brigid she has been the backbone of my business, her on-the-ground experience makes her the best in her field at taking new products to market and her professional and friendly personality makes her easy to work with. I always introduce new businesses to Brigid because she can definitely help them in some area because of her overall expertise in business consultancy."

Katrina Arbuthnot

Owner of KA Toning


"I recently applied for an intensive 5 day Alchemy programme being supplied by the Causeway Coast & Glens Council, which provided one on one mentoring in business management and development.  I was delighted to meet Brigid Duggan who was to be my mentor.  Brigid has a lovely warm personality and her confidence in her role immediately made me feel that I had made a very good decision in applying for this course,  I knew immediately that Brigid would be the right person to help me progress.

Initially we had a very in depth conversation about my business from it's origin, through it's progress to the current day,  I explained what we do and why we were doing it, where at, how often, when and who for.  I outlined our current business strategy and our revenue from our beginning in 2016 to the present season in 2019.

I also provided Brigid with an insight into Tourism and it's different levels, the ones we service and more importantly where we want to be going forward.  It was clear that although I had some very good ideas, I was not a very competent businessman.

Brigid sure had her work cut out and boy did she give this task everything she had.  During our next five sessions, she explained the importance of structuring my business, introducing efficient rotas so that Guides were spending more time guiding than waiting between tours.  She provided spreadsheets to work with our cash flow etc. and by the end of the course a very thorough in depth analysis of our business and a defined strategy for a way forward.  I was delighted.

I have implemented everything I was told to by Brigid and already I can see a huge difference, more importantly moving forward I am more confident that  i can take our business to where I want it to be.

Throughout this programme I must say Brigid and I have become friends; her professional ability is outstanding, her ability to unravel a mess and create a clear defined path is incredible.  Working with a relatively young business with huge ambitions in a strange genre (Travel & Tourism) could not have been easy but I could see a structured approach that really delivered.

In closing I can honestly say I owe this programme and Brigid a huge debt, I am delighted to have made a new friend and I am able to highly recommend this initiative and Brigid to any willing participant. 

You will see the rewards!"

Mark Rogers

Owner of Dalriada Kingdom Tours


"I worked with Brigid and Ciara for a lead generation campaign for CoreChex and highly recommend them.'

‘They are professional and friendly and really took the time to understand our business so they could have meaningful discussions with potential clients during their email and calling process. As a result, they were successful in converting potential leads into key prospects for our business."

Emma Begley

Owner & Founder of Corechex Ltd

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