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Taking the Fear out of Funding

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Why You Should Trust In BD Consultancy for your Funding Application Needs

Funding applications. The phrase that brings many business owners an immense feeling of dread, stress and overwhelm. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. At BD Consultancy, our clients often express to us that funding applications are keeping them awake at night. But what if we told you there’s a simple solution to your funding application woes? That’s right, here BD Consultancy we love funding applications! And we love the success they bring to our clients. Here are a few reasons you should work alongside BD Consultancy for all your funding application needs.


Applying for funding can be a worrying process. “What if we don’t get it?”, “What if I write the wrong thing?” “What if I misunderstand the requirements?”. These are valid concerns that many clients feel on a regular basis. At BD Consultancy, we take the fear out of the process, by making sure our clients understand exactly what is expected of them, and guiding them through the process in a slow-paced, comfortable way. It only makes sense that the application appears overwhelming, but with our experience, no application is too large and no requirement out of reach. By using simple, easy to understand language, we are able to accurately communicate what our clients need to in order to achieve success. Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand, a simple rephrase and an expert eye to expel all feelings of stress and anxiety.


When completing funding applications, clients often worry that they’re not writing with the correct tone or using the correct language to phrase and express a business's needs. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about learning that much needed skill, because BD Consultancy already has it. We have completed hundreds of successful funding applications, and the language that is needed comes completely naturally to us. You’ll never have to worry about “writing the wrong thing” again, when you place your business in our hands. We understand what works, what doesn’t and exactly how to communicate your needs.


Having spent the last 15 years securing funding for hundreds of companies, BD Consultancy is trusted and respected by many key contacts to aid in securing funding for your business. Where possible, BD Consultancy has been able to apply for funding on behalf of businesses, allowing the excellent reputation of BD Consultancy to support the opportunity for success. When you trust in BD Consultancy for your funding needs, we will always ensure you are speaking to the right people, engaging with the right communities and seeking guidance from those that have had past success. The BD Consultancy community is vast, and filled with all the right people with all the right skills. A well rounded service is always the aim and connecting with the right people is key.


At BD Consultancy, our success rate is at almost 100%. However, aside from your ultimate success, BD Consultancy is devoted to discovering and encouraging you and your business towards a positive future. When you work alongside us, we become one of the team, and any exciting opportunities that could benefit you, we will encourage and support you with. With our contacts, 15 years of business engagement and the passion and drive we have for your goals, you’ll always thrive.

So there you have it. Four reasons you should trust in BD Consultancy for all your funding application needs. When you place your faith in us, we can guarantee you we’ll always be honest, trustworthy and devoted to your business.

If you need help, assistance or guidance with a funding application or seeking funding opportunities, please contact us at: or fill out the enquiry form on our contact us page.

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